This video was captured from 3500 feet away from the cell tower.

Thermal image stitching

IR thermal image mapping


These images were stitched together using photoshop.  

Crop Spraying Drone

November 28, 2016

Crop Spraying  

Thermal UAV inspection

Earthquake damage on building detected first with RMUS Industrial Inspector Drone with FLIR Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera.   Notice the cold air flowing out of the crack in the building.   After the anomaly was noticed in thermal, the area was inspected with an RGB camera and the large crack was photographed.


Thanks to Dale Parrish from Hover Visions in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Image captured with Thermal UAV and Zenmuse XT thermal camera.

RMUS Thermal Drone Poweline

This images uses the isotherm function on the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera.  Temperatures were set between a set range and only temperatures within that range are highlighted.  All other temperatures, either higher or lower are "greyed out".

Thermal Drone Dairy Cow Image  RMUS

These cannot be seen with the naked eye or RGB camera.  Outages were detected in a number of panels... this issue was quickly resolved after the O&M team found that the connectors were loose (new build).   Image captured with Zenmuse  XT 13mm 640 resolution camera.

Thermal Drone Solar panel outage

Image taken with 640 resolution 13mm zenmuse XT camera from about 50 feet from powerline.

Thermal UAV powerline inspection RMUS

Demo video showing the RMUS Solar Inspector Drone and Handheld unit images.