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RMUS Online Drone and Unmanned Systems Training

RMUS UAS Crew Education Portal  –  Over the last 5 years the pioneering RMUS team has created a vast knowledge of the rapidly growing commercial Unmanned Systems industry.  We’ve created this portal to share our knowledge with the industry… and to continue to provide a tangible digital product for this knowledge to continue to expand.

This is a simple tool to help you create and manage all aspects of your drone program.  There are core courses for each member of the UAS crew and detailed tutorials for pilots/operators to learn more about equipment.  We even have a course for drone program managers. This content can be customized to fit your program needs and can be licensed to your organization not hosted by RMUS.

The RMUS UAS Crew Education Portal has 4 different types of trainings: Courses, Tutorials, PSAs and Tech Connect Videos.    

  • Courses are at the core of UAS Crew education. They are set up to give you a digital certificate upon completion, offer proof you have completed the course.  These certificates maybe used by your UAS program manager to ensure you are trained for a specific role in the UAS crew.  (show the org chart on screen) You’ll notice the courses are titled according to crew member role on the organizational chart. This will help program managers ensure crew members are trained for each role.  Certificates of course competition last 6 to 12 months, so crew members will return to these courses and take them again to stay current with trainings. If you are a UAS program manager, you can tell your crew which courses then need to take.  For Instance, if you have a pilot flying a DJI mavic 2 enterprise, you’ll want your pilots to take – (add in the courses on the screen) For a crew member who will be handling the roles of visual observer and maintenance, they should complete the VO course and maintenance course.  Please contact RMUS if you need suggestions for which trainings your crew needs. We can set up the Drone Program Point Person or D3P to receive a weekly report showing the progress for each person on your crew. 
  • Tutorials are brief instructional videos created by RMUS staff as a quick knowledge transfer.  These are used as the next step in crew education after the core courses are completed.  Not all the tutorials will be relevant to the missions and equipment you’re using, but they are a reference if you need it. 
  • PSAs or Public Service Announcements are mission critical issues that should be addressed immediately.  Email notifications will be sent out if a critical PSA is posted. 
  • TechConnect™ Videos are detailed technical product overviews.  The RMUS Tech Team Vets equipment to help save your crew time and effort. 

Virtual Live Training Curriculum 

  • RMUS Virtual Onboarding - Up to 2 hours of Live Video Conferencing with RMUS trainers.   This is currently offered for DJI M300 RTK, Parrot Anafi Thermal and Fotokite.  We can add other aircraft or products as needed. Please contact us for more information.  

In-person Training Curriculum

  • RMUS D3P™ Proficiency Training - D3P stands for Drone Program Point Person - This two-day training course provides in-depth details into creating, operating and maintaining a Drone Program. Participants will get hands-on knowledge of the DJI Ecosystem, including flight control applications, hardware and software. After completing this course, the student will have the knowledge to run a successful drone program.
  • RMUS M210 Operator Proficiency Training - This is an intensive two-day, hands-on course that will get operators proficient on the DJI M200/M210/M210 RTK v2 platforms, the related payloads (X4S, X5S, X7, Z30, XT and XT2), flight control software/apps, Pilot App, safe flight maneuvers for failsafe situations, etc. 
  • RMUS Applied Aerial Thermal Camera Training - Applied training for mission-specific use case scenarios of thermal Imagery. Includes an overview of the science/theory behind thermal cameras, optimal settings for operations and the benefits/limitations of thermal imagery.
  • DJI Academy UAS Level 1 Certification - DJI manufacturer-certified training. 3-day course to create baseline understanding and certification on DJI Enterprise equipment. Pilots learn and are tested on basic flight and safety maneuvers.
  • Specialized Trainings - Training at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah or at your facility.  This training is mandatory for advanced products like the Elios 2, senseFly eBee X, Sarcos Guardian S, Hovermap and Doosan Aircraft. We also create customized workflow trainings that include preflight planning, flight missions, data capture, data processing, analysis and reporting.