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Quantum Systems Trinity F90+ VTOL

Quantum Systems Trinity F90+ VTOL

Quantum Systems Trinity F90+ VTOL


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A push of a button is enough and the Trinity will do its assigned job. The remote controller has a clean layout without confusing switches and levers. The Trinity and the remote controller work together seamlessly to get your job done automatically, while still providing emergency override capabilities.

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Trinity F90+ UAV


  • For all surveyors and professionals that require highly accurate data down to a few centimeters, the Trinity F90+ enables them to reduce typical GNSS geotagging errors of several meters down to 2 – 5 cm via auxiliary GNSS data collection in flight. 

    The PPK module comes with an additional PPK base station, called iBase, for reliable reference data in an instant. Thanks to a strong cooperation between u-blox and Quantum-Systems, massively increased data accuracy at dramatically reduced costs is now possible with the all new Trinity F90+.


  • The flight safety is further increased by the automatic integration of the live air traffic info into QBase3D, the included software for mission planning, monitoring and post-processing.

    With the help of the pingUSB from uAvionix, the UAV pilot now receives high-quality tracking data from other aircraft around him to increase its operational awareness significantly. An optional ADS–B–out upgrade is also available in order to meet the highest regulatory requirements.


  • iBase is a reference GNSS station, it allows for the relative (and at ex- ternally georeferenced points absolute) geotagging precision of afore- mentioned PPK quality via logging the GNSS reference measurements on the ground to later use them in QBase flight data post-processing.

QBase – Ground Control Station

  • Mission planning software, runs on any Windows PC / Laptop
  • 3D Planning, Corridor Planning, Live-Air-Traffic, Resume Mission
Max. Take-off Weight
11.0 lbs
Max. Flight Time
90 min
Command and Control Range
3.1 - 4.7 Miles
Payload (with compartment) 
1.54 lbs

Optimal Cruise Speed

38 MPH

Wind Resistance (ground wind)

16 MPH

Wind Resistance (in cruise flight)

27 MPH

Temperature Resistance

10.4 F to 122 F



7.48 Feet




Payload Compartment

Every payload option for the Trinity includes the payload compartment with a payload management board (PMB) for autopilot controlled triggering and geo-tagging. Shock absorbers increase the data quality even more!

The PMB connects the sensors to the autopilot and battery. In addition it serves as a data logger by monitoring the actual power consumption of the sensors which enables us to mix and match each trigger point with the necessary flight data.

We offer the compartment as a free download for you in order to adapt it to your application if you feel the need for it.

Survey Payload Compartments

Sony UMC

The Sony UMC-R10C 20.1 MP (APS-C, (23.2 x 15.4 mm) Exmor® CMOS) Sensor is our recommended sensor for applications like surveying & mapping, archeology, mining, stock volumes, geotechnical engineering, GIS, disaster control, civil engineering and forestry. It features good inner orientation, a low distortion and fast shutter speeds

Sony RX1R II

42.4 MP CMOS full format sensor

Agriculture Payload Compartments

Micasense Red Edge

New metal case for extreme durability; New DLS 2 for enhanced light calibration; Captures five narrow spectral bands; Generates plant health indexes and RGB (color) images. Including Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP).

Micasense Altum

Altum integrates a radiometric thermal camera with five high-resolution narrow bands, producing advanced thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics. Including DLS2 and Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP).


Combined Payload Package

Micasense Red Edge with Sony UMC



QBase Mission Control Software

Using QBase is the easiest way to pre-plan an aerial survey mission for Quantum UAVs.

QBase automatically generates efficient flight paths after the flight area and the mission parameters have been defined with a few clicks. These steps allow you to be up and flying in no-time with our powerful and easy-to-use software.

You are in complete control over your photogrammetric aerial survey mission and guaranteed full coverage over the area of interest.

QBase provides real-time information from the Trinity. It also features an instrument panel that gives you updates on the altitude, attitude, speed, heading and battery health to help you diagnose your Quantum-System UAV condition at any time.

QBase features a two layer safety system which ensures the success of your mission. The first mission check is integrated within the QBase which performs a possibility check while you plan your mission.

Once you transfer the mission to the UAV the integrated autopilot performs a security check in order to ensure the mission can be successfully flown with the available UAV resources such as battery capacity, temperature or sensor status.

Use Case Scenarios:

Site Survey

3D Modeling