RMUS Drone Fleet Support - UAS Equipment, Training, and Support

RMUS has serviced thousands of customers, in all industries, over the last 5 years.  We understand what it takes to create and manage a drone fleet.  RMUS is the largest unmanned systems vendor in North America, providing vetted equipment sales, education programs (online/in-person) and professional/technical support services.

RMUS has created a number of products to help make UAS Program Management simpler for our customers:

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Our expert staff vets all products we sell and have extensive expertise to provide support and trainings.

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Our goal is to transfer our extensive knowledge of unmanned systems to our customer base and the entire Unmanned Systems industry. Train UAV personnel on your SOPs, flight safety, equipment and processing software.  RMUS offers online courses and on-site trainings.





We are pioneers in the commercial UAS industry and have been building, designing and supporting equipment since the start.

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Technical Support

We have a large UAS fleet of our own for training, demonstrations and technical support; therefore we have hands-on knowledge of the hardware and software that powers the aircraft.  




RMUS Professional UAS Services

Professional Services

We have an extensive network of professionals who have operated in the commercial UAS industry as long as we have.  These experts can provide assistance with all aspects of your program: from operations manuals, to building training curriculum, to creating proof-of-concept projects that can then be scaled. Learn More about the RMUS professional partner network.


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Fleet Management Software

We partnered with the industry leader in flight data software, Airdata, to provide our customers with a complete solution for UAS fleet management.   Our technicians create and log, a base-line maintenance inspection prior to aircraft leaving our facility. They also enter aircraft and pilots into the Airdata software and calibrate maintenance alerts suggested by the manufacturers.  Learn more about RMUS Fleet Management Software powered by Airdata.


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UAS Fleet Management Liaison


Dedicated RMUS team member to help manage your program and fleet.  Starting at $500 per month.





Please Email or call 801-316-3250 for details on our Fleet Management Program.

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