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RMUS Rapid Recovery™

RMUS Rapid Recovery

After a major crash, contact RMUS tech support and we will immediately send out a drone and/or camera to get you up and running. With this drone and/or camera you will get a pre-filled call tag so you can send the damaged item back to RMUS. RMUS will assess the damage and work with DJIs tech team to fix the repairs. During this period you will be able to use the replacement drone and/or camera as much as you need to. Once the repair is complete, RMUS will contact you with the repair costs.
After the payment for the repairs are received, RMUS will ship the repaired drone and/or camera, again with a pre-filled call tag so the replacement drone and/or camera can be shipped by to RMUS. In the event that the drone and/or camera is damaged beyond repair, RMUS will offer 10% off the retail price to replace the drone and/or camera.