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RMUS UAV Training

RMUS Training Services

We provide comprehensive training for the solutions we provide.  Our training provides an overview of the drone, which covers safety, battery maintenance, software, and hardware. We also cover the use and maintenance of your sensors and cameras, and best practices for use on the job.

  • "Top-Gun" Training at the RMUS Facility in Utah - $2,000 for two days of training for up to 3 people.   Accommodations and travel not included.  Our curriculum includes maintenance, safety, software and applied applications for your mission specific needs, we do not provide pilot training.
  • RMUS Ready to Deploy™ Videos -- Free with RMUS package purchase -- In-Depth Tutorial videos by drone expert Jon McBride, that will get you up and running.
  • RMUS Quick Tip™ Videos -- Free with RMUS Package purchase, paid option available.  Click here for video catalog.
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  • Webinars -  Free to attend.  Sign up here.
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    Introduction Video to Industrial & Commercial UAVs