Autopilot App


True autopilot tool. More geared toward aerial photography and following subjects. Packed with ever growing features and well worth the one time cost.

Price - $29.99

UAV's - Inspire, Phantom 3, Phantom 4



Drone Deploy

Drone Deploy

Autonomous flight mapping tool for collecting data that is post-processed using Drone Deploy cloud.

Price - $Free for Basic Plan, Fee for more advanced plans.

UAV's - Inspire, Phantom 3, Phantom 4


Pix4d Capture App

Pix4d Capture App

Autonomous flight mapping tool for collecting data that can be processed by other Pix4d mapping software, some of which is a paid service.

Price - $Free

UAV's - Inspire, Phantom 3, Parrot BeBop 2



Drone Log Book

Drone Logbook

Data management platform that allows operators to track and manage flight data, equipment, locations, maintenance operations, incidents, documents and more.

Price - $Free for Basic Plan, More Advanced plans are small monthly fee

UAV's - All



Atlas Mapping Software


Post-Processing software to stitch together images collected on Micasense products.

Price - $varies by acre processed

For use with the Micasense RedEdge and Sequoia sensors.



DJI Go App

DJI Go App

Offical App by DJI for all products. Includes a growing number of autonomous flight functions, quick photo and video editing, and posting to skypixel network

Price - $Free

UAV's - Inspire's, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Matrice



Flir Vue Pro App

FLIR Vue Pro App

This app doesn't show the image from the camera. It allows for simple setting changes on the camera itself.

Price - $Free

Allows for bluetooth connection to adjust settings on the FLIR Vue Pro camera.




FLIR Tools

This is a tablet and desktop program that allows users to post process images and create simple reports from those images.

Price - $Free

Post Processing and Reporting for FLIR products.


Skycatch Commander

App is used to capture images for 2d and 3d mappings. Very popular in the construction and mining industries.

Price - $3.99 - Additional fees for post processing

UAV's - Inspire's, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Matrice


The B4UFLY app provides model aircraft users with situational awareness and considers the user’s current or planned location in relation to operational restrictions to derive a specific status indicator.

Price - $Free