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RMUS offers a variety of services that help transfer our extensive knowledge of UAVs to our customer base and the entire industrial UAV industry.  Our paid education courses create proficiencies in UAV operation and drone program management.   Please Email or call 801-316-3250 to register for these courses.

Paid Courses

RMUS D3P™ Proficiency Training - $2000 

D3P stands for Drone Program Point Person - This two day training course provides in depth details into creating, operating and maintaining a Drone Program.  Participants will get hands on knowledge of the DJI Flight System.  After completing this course, the student will have the knowledge to run a drone program.

RMUS M210 Operator Proficiency Training - $2000  

This is an intensive two day, hands on course that will get operators proficient on the DJI M210 platform; and the X4S, X5S, Z30 and XT payloads; DJI flight control software; Pilot App and safe flight maneuvers for failsafe situations.

RMUS Sponsored FLIR Level 1 Thermography Certification for sUAS - $2000 

Presented by educators from the ITC (Infrared Training Center).   This course will showcase FLIR thermal UAV products, and will cover the basics of infrared science.   Successful completion of the course will earn participants a level 1 thermography certification.  More course information on ITC website.

**Group rate of $1500 per person available for groups of 3 or more.

Please Email or call 801-316-3250 to register for these courses.

2018 Schedule

Date  Location  Course 
May 7-11
Salt Lake City
RMUS Sponsored FLIR Level 1 Thermography Certification for sUAS
June 18-19
Salt Lake City
RMUS M210 Operator Proficiency Training
June 20-21
Salt Lake City
RMUS Drone Program Point Person (D3P) Training
July 16-20 Salt Lake City RMUS/CRASAR Public Safety Official Training
July 30-31 Salt Lake City RMUS M210 Operator Proficiency Training


  • Please Email or call 801-316-3250 to register for these courses.
  • RMUS Drone Program Paid On-line Courses -- These online courses take you and your team through drone anatomy, flight terminology, and basic drone care.  See Course Catalogs


Adam Ringle

Adam is a seasoned public safety professional with over 30 years’ experience. He currently serves as the Director of UAS Flight Operations for a municipal law enforcement agency in Delaware. He has hundreds of hours of experience as both a pilot in command and as an instructor on multiple UAS platforms. Adam has served as the UAS Commander for several multi-agency large scale responses. Adam has extensive flight experience in search and rescue and tactical response. He has authored numerous FAA compliant COA’s, 333 exemptions and UAS policy documents.

Eric Hamm

Eric is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 28 years of public safety aviation experiences.  He currently serves as the Deputy Commander for a state aviation agency.  He has hundreds hours of sUAS operational experience in both flight and instruction.  He has worked with multiple federal, state, and local municipalities to address policy and procedures issues dealing with sUAS operations.

Jon McBride

Jon has be involved in developing UAV systems for 15 years.  Jon has a large social media following for his vast knowledge of thermal UAV systems and pioneering work in creating UAV’s. Jon served five years in the U.S. marine corp., studying microelectronics. His hobbies include 30 years of building, flying and creating aerial remote control vehicles. Jon is one of the RMUS founders and a level 1 thermographer.

Paige Fitzgerald

Paige is an emergency manager and UAS program manager. She has extensive experience on multiple UAS platforms, and has been involved in many large scale multi-agency UAS responses. She has provided policy development guidance to federal, state, and local government agencies who operate programs in compliance 14 CFR 107, and has been involved in efforts to develop NIMS resource typing criteria through the National Integration Center. She is also a certified UAS flight instructor.

Free Training Material

We provide comprehensive training for the solutions we provide.  Our Ready to Deploy online training provides an overview of the drone, which covers safety, battery maintenance, software, and hardware. We also cover the use and maintenance of your sensors and cameras, and best practices for use on the job.