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The RMUS Ready to Deploy videos are in the process of moving over to a more robust training software.   -- To get started with our new system, please visit: https://rmus.talentlms.com/catalog.   Please select the Ready to Deploy™ video(s) that fit the package you ordered.

 You’ll be asked to register by creating a username and password.   In order to get these courses free of charge, please click on the “Got a Coupon?” link just below the Expiration Date box.   With your package, you should have been emailed an access code.  (Please contact us if you have not received the email.) The cost will then go to zero.  Click the "Get this Course" button to continue.   We continue to add more Quick Tip videos, so check back for new training materials.


Our team is always happy to provide support, but we highly encourage you to watch these videos, prior to contacting us.   These videos will help you understand what is including in each package, as well as, teach you about the DJI GO App, standard maintenance, battery care and safe flight practices.

Thank you for your business!


RMUS UAV Pilot PreFlight Checklist 

RMUS Inspire 1 Based Packages




RMUS Matrice M100 Based Packages