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Jon McBride
VP of Technology

Jon has be involved in developing UAV systems for 15 years. He has implemented dozens of UAV programs for municipality’s in the intermountain west. Jon has a large social media following for his vast knowledge of thermal UAV systems and pioneering work in creating UAV’s. Jon served five years in the U.S. marine corp., studying microelectronics. His hobbies include 30 years of building, flying and creating aerial remote control vehicles. Jon is one of the RMUS founders. Jon is a level 1 thermographer.
Corey Kirkwood
VP of Finance

Corey has more than 15 years of experience in helping early stage companies establish effective internal processes and controls. In addition to successfully growing several businesses, he has also established and/or managed a few not-for-profit entities. Corey holds a masters degree in business administration from Westminster College in Salt Lake City and a bachelors of arts in sociology from Colgate University in New York.
Ryan Wood
VP of Sales and Marketing 

Ryan Wood is a graduate of the Goizueta School of Business from Emory University in Atlanta, GA with a dual major in Finance and Marketing. Ryan spent 3 years as Marketing Director for HRP Distributing. He is a founding member and President of the Mountain West Unmanned Systems Alliance, a Utah based group of stakeholders, commercial and civil operators in the unmanned systems industry. Ryan is one of the RMUS founders.
Chad Walker

Chad has been involved in the RC world for 22 years and UAV's  for the last 6 years.  Chad is a expert drone technician.  He was a technical service rep on digital office equipment for 18 years.  Chad lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two kids.  He enjoys building and flying drones, filming aerial videos, camping and hiking outdoors. Chad is a part 107 remote UAS pilot and level 1 thermographer.
Jeff Flowers
Logistics Specialist

Jeff Flowers has been a part of the drone community since 2007 and has enjoyed every aspect of it. Jeff is an accomplished RC helicopter pilot and FPV drone racer. Jeff is currently sponsored by Horizon Hobby and Thunder Power RC. In his spare time Mr. Flowers enjoys hiking, traveling to events to participate in RC competitions, fishing, and tinkering on current drone builds.
Lance Stoddard
Drone Technician

Mr. Stoddard has been a hobbyist and a tinkerer of electronics most of his life starting at a young age tearing things apart and learning how they worked, and trying to fix them. Lance took up the the hobby of drones 6 years ago and it has developed that into his career. He also enjoys modeling trains, music, camping. Lance is a level 1 thermographer.
JT Vonlunen

J.T. is the president and co-founder of RMUS. His experience includes 3 years as Chief Operating Officer of a HRP Distributing, a consumer grade remote control vehicle and drone distributor and 5 years as president of Gear to Grow, a non-profit start-up focused on the distribution of used gear to non-profit groups getting more people outdoors. J.T. holds a masters degree in business administration from Westminster College of Salt Lake City and a bachelors of science degree in geology from the University of Utah.   In his spare time, J.T. enjoys hiking, fishing, skiing or mountain biking in the hills of Northern Utah and Jackson, Wyo. He currently resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and two children. J.T. is a level 1 thermographer.