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  • Intro to Industrial UAVs
  • RMUS M210 Proficiency - Book Here
  • RMUS D3P
  • Elios Flight Training
  • Quantum VTOL Flight Training
  • Customized Curriculum 
Location & Contact Information
595 North 1250 West Suite 3 
Centerville, UT 84014
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Instructor Biographies

Jon McBride

Jon has be involved in developing UAV systems for 17 years. He has implemented dozens of UAV programs for municipality’s in the intermountain west. Jon has a large social media following for his vast knowledge of thermal UAV systems and pioneering work in creating UAV’s. Jon served five years in the U.S. marine corp., studying microelectronics. His hobbies include 30 years of building, flying and creating aerial remote control vehicles. Jon is one of the RMUS founders. Jon is a level 1 thermographer.

Chad Walker

Chad has been involved in the RC world for 22 years and UAV's for the last 7 years. He was a technical service rep on digital office equipment for 18 years, and was a trainer for new technicians. Chad currently teaches the RMUS part 107 prep courses. He enjoys building and flying drones, filming aerial videos, camping and hiking outdoors. Chad is a part 107 remote UAS pilot and a level 1 thermographer.

Jake Mackey

Jake has been flying RC aircraft for 11 years. He's an expert drone technician and has provided training for RMUS confined space and photogrammetry systems. Jake enjoys flying remote controlled 3D helicopters and building his own RC systems. Jake is a part 107 remote UAS Pilot and a level 1 thermographer.