ActionDrone AD2 MicaSense RedEdge Gimbal Inspection Drone

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Perform industrial inspections, 3D mapping, manage livestock and natural resources, quickly deploy SAR operations and reconnaissance.

Specialized gimbal made for both an infrared FLIR Vue thermal camera, operating side-by-side a GoPro camera.

• Fits: FLIR Vue or Vue Pro camera
• GoPro Hero 4 camera



Equip customized payloads for a variety of sensors and cameras – tailored for a world of applications – such as agriculture, inspection, public safety, search and rescue to name a few.


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AD2 Inspector Drone Applications

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Enterprise platform for longer flight times. Designed for heavy lifting. Payloads can be configured for mapping, surveying, creative or inspection work, specific to a drone’s mission goals.

Industrial grade, close mapping and inspection drone. Balanced motor efficiency, durability in design and function, gives inspectors the widest possible field of view, making this sUAS one of a kind. The streamlined signature folding arms makes the AD2 an easy portable drone.

AD2 Quick Info


ActionDroneUSA was designed to modernize new ways, capturing data from the sky. Since then, we provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and turn-key solutions, with our portable industrial drones. We help companies get jobs done safely and efficiently.

Carefully assembled and tested out of San Diego, California, we work to serve quality products and top service. We develop our own high tech small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to help worldwide clients:
• Save time, money and resources
• Save lives and deter risky situations
• Increase profits and productivity



Size: 38.6 in (980 mm) diagonal
Propellers:  18 in. carbon fiber hollow core
Flight Time:  30-45 minutes
Flight Controller:  Pixhawk (recommended), A2, or user choice
Batteries:  12,000 mAh – 17,000 total mAh, 6s LiPo
Modes:  Autonomous GPS, Manual, Attitude
Telemetry Range:  1 mi (1.6 km)
Wind Tolerance:  25 mph (40.2 km/h)

Take-Off Weight X4: 12 lbs (avg)
AD2 Frame, Motors, Props, GoPro Gimbal, 2 Batteries, Mirrorless camera, and GoPro Hero4 Camera

Take-Off Weight X8: 18-30 lbs (max)
Large scale Gimbal System, Mirrorless Camera, one 30,000 mAh battery, 15 min flight time (max wt)


 The AD2 can carry 2 batteries tallying up to 17,000 mAh, enabling up to 45 minutes of flight time on an X4 configuration. Our flexible solutions allow for larger gimbal opportunities. Mount mirrorless cameras, multispectral sensors or detection devices.



Pick your preference: Tablet, Toughbook laptops, or Smart phone. Waypoint technology software accounts for autonomous flight missions. Navigation software can be easily launched onto computer ground stations, tablets, or smart phones to automate flights.


Radio frequency joystick control.
16CH Digital Telemetry Radio System
Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
Receiver Match
Audio Speech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
Antenna Status Detection and Alters
Real-time Flight Data Logging
Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts
Super Low Latency
Smart Port Supported
Vibration Alerts
Long Range Receiver (5km)


Detailed overview. Simultaneously, flying with FPV (first person view), the On Screen Display (OSD) features the telemetry of the flight information on high-definition LCD screens. Upgradeable features allow simultaneous picture-in-picture, dual-split screen, or camera switch capabilities – for the pilot to control camera gimbal pitch or pilot cam for orientation.


Impressive carbon fiber features, quality control and durability create the AD1’s signature folding style. The front mounted, vibration-dampened gimbal allows inspectors and pilots the widest possible field of view without any “prop wash” in picture. The pitch axis can rotate a full 180 degrees, transitioning from looking straight down (surveying) to straight up (inspections).


Latest advances in modern technology. Fly missions in three modes: GPS attitude, maintaining altitude and positions; Attitude leveling hold mode (gyro stabilization); and Manual mode. GPS modes are in constant communication with GPS satellites. Intelligent orientation control allows pilots to reorient the direction of the craft.


Add waypoint technology for autonomous flight missions. Navigation software can be easily launched onto computer ground stations, tablets, or smart phones to automate your flight.


Smart ground stations. Program your automated missions with auto take-off and landing. A convenient return-to-home safety function, readily activates, if radio signal is lost.

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