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Flyability Elios 2 - Confined Space Drone Package

Flyability Elios 2 - Confined Space Drone Package

Flyability Elios 2 - Confined Space Drone Package


The RMUS confined space drone package is powered by the Flyability Elios 2.  This small "caged" drone is great for navigating confined spaces where object collisions are unavoidable. The system includes both visible and thermal cameras and a LED lighting system to provide illumination in dark spaces. New features include:

  • 10k lumen adjustable, dustproof lighting system
  • GPS free stabilization
  • Distance lock mode
  • 180 degree tiltable camera
  • Full HD live streaming
  • 4k video/12MP still images from RGB camera
  • Oblique lighting
  • Capable of 3d modeling with Pix4d
  • 2d measurements

All RMUS packages include up to date firmware updates, everything you'll need to begin deploying the drone immediately, access to RMUS intro/systems training video and access to phone consultation with our technicians. 

RMUS is a certified Flyability Repair and Service Center.

RMUS Elios Training Center 

Elios Spare Parts

Flyability Elios 2:

TYPE: Quadcopter configuration
DIMENSIONS: Fits in <400mm sphere; 15.75 inches
MOTORS: 4 fast reversing electric brushless motors
PROPELLERS: 4 propellers, 5 inches
TAKE-OFF WEIGHT: 1450 g 3.2 lbs. including battery, payload
& protection
FLIGHT TIME: Up to 10min
MAX.CLIMB RATE: 1.5 m/s (in normal mode)
5 m/s (in pro mode)
MAX.AIRSPEED: 1.3 m/s (in Pilot Assist Mode)
6.5 m/s (in Sport Mode)
WIND RESISTANCE: Max 5m/s (in pro mode)
FLIGHT SENSORS: IMU, magnetometer, barometer, 7 vision and distance sensors
MATERIALS: Carbon fiber composites,
magnesium alloy, aeronautical
grade aluminium, high quality
OPERATING TEMP.: 0 to 50°C; 32°F to 122°F
FLIGHT MODES: Pilot Assist, Attitude, Manual thrust + attitude, Sport
FAIL SAFE: Auto-landing on signal loss
Operating Frequency: 2404 - 2483 MHz
EIRP: 2.4 GHz
Ingress Protection: Splash and dust resistant
Noise Level: 99 dB(A) hover; 120 dB(A) max @ 1 meter; ear protection recommend


Visible Camera:

SENSOR: 1/2.3" CMOS, Effective Pixels 12.3 M, Optimized for low light performance
VIDEO RECORDING RESOLUTIONS: 4k Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 at 30 FPS, FHD: 1920 x 1080 at 30 FPS
VIDEO STREAMING RESOLUTION: FHD: 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps.
MOVIE FOV: 114° horizontal, 130.8° diagonal
PHOTO FOV: 118.8° horizontal, 148.6° diagonal
TOTAL VERTICAL FOV: approximately 260° including camera tilt
LENS: 2.71mm focal length Fixed focal
CONTROL MODES: Automode with EV compensation
FILE STORAGE: MicroSD card (onboard aircraft), Max Capacity: 128GB, Recommended model: Sandisk, Extreme micro SDXC UHS-I V30
SUPPORTED FILE SYSTEM: FAT32 for cards up to 32GB, exFAT for cards bigger than 32 GB

Thermal Camera:

SENSOR: FLIR Lepton 3.5
VIDEO: 160 x 120 pixels at 9fps, recorded
on board
VERTICAL FOV: 42 degree

Lighting System:

TYPE: High-efficiency LEDs for even lighting in front, top and bottom, optimized for low impact of dust on picture quality.  IR light used for stabilization system.
CONTROL: From remote controller, adaptive light beam controlled by camera pitch
MODES: Indirect/dustproof lighting, Close up lighting, selective/oblique lighting
LIGHT OUTPUT: 10K lumens


Smart Battery 

BATTERY TYPE: LiPo 5S HV Smart Battery
ENERGY: 98.8 Wh
CHARGE TIME: 1.5 Hours
BATTERY CHANGE TIME: Less than 1 minute
COMPLIANCE: Approved for carry-on luggage
NET WEIGHT: 550g, 1.2 Lbs