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RMUS Crop Inspection Drone™

$14,499.00 $16,499.00 saving $2,000.00
RMUS Crop Inspection Drone™

RMUS Crop Inspection Drone™

$14,499.00 $16,499.00 saving $2,000.00
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The RMUS Crop Inspector Drone™ is a complete, ready to deploy package configured for crop analysis using the Micasense Red Edge five band multispectral sensor with our custom RMUS stabilized mounting system. A high definition X3 daytime camera/mounting system also included. All RMUS packages include all the necessary equipment for immediate field operations, the latest firmware updates, access to exclusive RMUS intro/training videos and a phone consultation with one of our technicians. 

The RMUS Crop Inspection Drone is an easy-to-use solution for aerial crop health analysis.  Its features include a multispectral imaging camera and a 25+ minute flight time (varies based on elevation and wind conditions.  The RMUS Crop Inspection provides an alternative to satellite based imagery analysis.

RMUS Crop Inspector Drone™ includes:

        • Fully functioning dual battery Matrice M100 with Return to Home, GPS Altitude Hold, and Auto Takeoff/Landing functions
        • Micasense Red Edge Sensor fix mounted with vibration dampeners on airframe
        • DJI Z3 camera/gimbal unit
        • 6 spare TB48 batteries
        • 2 sets of 1345T quick-release propellers
        • 2 sets of propeller installation kits
        • Apple iPad Mini 4 32GB Wireless
        • Transponder system (helpful in finding lost drones)
        • Go Professional DJI M100 case
        • Smartpower charging station (charges 4 batteries, 2 remotes, 2 tablets simultaneously)
        • Remote control monitor hood for iPad mini 4 
        • RMUS Ready to Deploy Intro Video ($300 Value)

Add-ons (additional cost):

      • Drone Deploy -- Autopilot and Mapping/Imaging/modeling software.
      • DJI Zenmuse X5 -- Record 4k video at 30 Fps and 16MB still images for detailed analysis.
      • DJI Care Package  -- Protect the drone (not the thermal camera) - Good for repairs, crashes and more.
      • RMUS Systems Training -- These drones are very easy to operate.  They have auto take-off and landing that allow for a faster pilot learning curve; therefore we don't offer flight training, rather we offer systems training. RMUS trains on: basic maintenance, battery care, camera care, app usage, software usage and aerial thermography.