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DJI Academy UAS Pilot Training Level 1 - Honolulu - Drone Services Hawaii

DJI Academy UAS Pilot Training Level 1 - Honolulu - Drone Services Hawaii

DJI Academy UAS Pilot Training Level 1 - Honolulu - Drone Services Hawaii

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  • Brand: RMUS - Turn-key UAV Drone Program Solutions Provider
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Course Objectives

1. Safety – Safe flying and how to react during emergency situations 
2. Solution – Understanding DJI commercial UAS solutions and the latest UAS technology 
3. Operation – Learning about the DJI Pilot app and how to operate DJI’s latest commercial drone platform 
4. Mission – Utilizing UAS to capture mission data 
5. Maintenance – Standard equipment maintenance operations

Course Overview

The UTC (Unmanned Aerial System Training Center) is a professional UAS application training program provided by DJI (promoted as DJI’s official training program).  After several years of requests from major corporations, public safety agencies and government organizations for "manufacturer certified training from DJI", RMUS and DJI have worked intensely with the UTC to bring this course into fruition.

The course is separated into two sections, online and onsite. The online section was created to ensure the students enter the class with a basic understanding and proficiency of UAS flight and theory. All of the online sections must be fully completed prior to attending the onsite portion of the training classThis requirement is mandated by DJI and is non-negotiable. The online sections will take approximately three (3) to five (5) hours to complete. The cost of the UTC Commercial UAS Training Level 1 course includes a DJI Ryze Tello Drone/remote control package which will be sent to the student upon receipt of payment for the course. The Tello drone will be used by the student to develop basic piloting skills prior to the onsite training. The onsite training is three (3) days of hands-on professional instruction administered by seasoned UAV pilot instructors. Please review the UTC Commercial UAS Training Level 1 course syllabus in the link below for further details.

Upon successful completion of the course the student is issued an official manufacturer-certified license provided by UTC, DJI and RMUS. Therefore a government-issued photo ID must be presented at the beginning of the onsite class in order to attendThis requirement is mandated by DJI and is non-negotiable.  There is also an in-person written examination and a practical flight examination at the conclusion of the training course. Upon successful completion of the written and practical examinations a certificate will be issued to the individual UAS pilot.

More UTC Commercial UAS Training Level 1 Details on UTC Website 

Students Steps

RMUS UTC Training Student Steps

  1. You must complete the online training course prior to attending class. Online course work takes place on the UTC website (uastc.com/us).  You will need to register on the site in order to view the courses.
  2. As part of the online course, you will receive a trainer drone. This will be shipped to the address you submitted to RMUS to register for the course.  After receiving the training drone, please complete the online flight training course.  You may complete other online courses prior to receiving the trainer drone. This drone is yours to keep and practice with DO NOT bring it to class.   Please print out the final online course exam results and bring those to class.
  3. About 10 to 14 days prior to the class, you will receive a welcome email from the local training facility. This email will provide any last minute travel planning details you may need.  Also please let the training facility know if you need special assistance or have dietary restrictions.
  4. After successful completion of the course, the training facility will issue you a temporary certificate. You will be receiving an official certificate and card from UTC within 30 days after completing the course.  This will be shipped to the address on file at RMUS, so please notify RMUS at utctraining@rmus.com to update.
  5. If a student fails to pass the final exam, and wishes to continue pursuing certification, they will be required to reschedule and retake the class with a $750 retake fee.

Training Facility 

Drone Services Hawaii is located in the heart of the Pacific on the island of Oahu, the gathering place. With its office in Honolulu the economic and political heart of Hawaii, Drone Services Hawaii is proud to offer a high quality drone training and products. 

Our current classroom for courses is a newly remodeled one at George’s Aviation off Lagoon drive right next to the main airport. We look forward to providing a leaning environment to learn about UAS systems, software, theory and regulatory requirements. 

For the flight portion of the course we will utilize the Kawainui Model Airplane Field off of Kappa Quarry Rd. It’s about 30+ acres and it’s  an amazing view as you drive across from the classroom to the field. 

Our classroom at George’s Aviation is only 7 min from the airport and the fly field is only 20 minutes away. 

If you come to Hawaii for any courses we will ensure you have access to all the hotels, entertainment and amazing food that Hawaii has to offer. 

Mahlo nui Loa

Training Facility Address
Drone Services Hawaii
985 Dillingham Blvd Ste 300
Honolulu, HI 96817
Nearby Hotels
Ramamda Plaza Waikiki
Ala Moana Hotel
Waikiki Beach Marriott

Instructor Biographies

Mike Elliott 

Michael Elliott is a retired Naval Officer with a 30 year career serving active duty and as a civilian. As a Surface Warfare Officer on carriers, cruisers and destroyers for 23 years worked in numerous Combat Systems roles. Upon retirement, he worked at Commander Pacific Fleet Headquarters in the N53 Plans Department.
In 2014 Mike along with George Purdy and Ellen Elliott formed Drone Services Hawaii. With 10+ years in RC and drone experience, Mike and his partners set out to be the first in Hawaii to do a full scale drone business. In 2019 Mike along with George completed preparation of and securing the first major contract for the Lanai UAS Test Site, a first as a public / private partnership for UAS testing.

Estin Ma

Estin is a certified Part 107 pilot and has over 10 years of experience with drone technology. Since a young age, he was exposed to the latest in technology trends, and brings to the table a vast wealth of knowledge in relation to core systems and programming.
He is known within the drone community as a guru, providing repair, sales, and consulting services on a daily basis. His skillset allows him to explain complicated systems in the simplest terms so that a client can clearly understand what their situation is and make the right decision that meets their organization’s needs, all while making sure the solution is cost effective.
Estin is also adept at piloting drones. He has over 5,000 hours of flight time in the air and is the go to pilot for reoccurring clients such as Nordic PCL, HI Vantage, HECO and Spectrum.
Known for his problem solving prowess, it’s rare that he will back down from any challenge presented to him.

George K. Purdy IV 

I am honored to be raised in Hawaii.  Being of part Hawaiian ancestry I feel a great deal of responsibility to do what is right for all people.  We call that being “Pono”.  

As a child I was always fascinated with technology, robotics and RC’s.  I would build them, modify them, fly them, crash them, fix them and fly them again.  I was a true hobbyist and never knew my fascination and joy of this type of technology would develop into a career someday.

My professional career has been in government.  My career started with the US Navy Aviation Ordinance (Desert Storm Veteran), followed by the US Air Force Firefighting Specialist, and finally with the State of Hawaii Airport Crash and Fire Rescue.  I have been a first responder for over 20 years.  I am also a trainer for the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) for the island of Lanai.  I am always looking for innovative ways and to add technology in our arsenal of techniques to protect and rescue our community.

I feel that it is my responsibility to pass my knowledge and experience to the next generation.  I have participated and advocated for robotic programs such as First Lego League for our young.  I am currently assisting my local school to implement STEM programs.  

I am married with 3 children, a family man, deeply involved with providing upward mobility for my family and our Lana’i community.