AI Software for Robots and Drones

December 21 2023 – JT VonLunen

RMUS works with a number of AI software companies that provide niche solutions depending on industry and use case.  There is not a one size fits all AI software program.  For machine learning and artificial intelligence to get the best results, it requires training the system with our clients specific data sets.   Please reach out to our team for recommendations and pricing.

Qii.AI combines drone inspection software with a cutting-edge computer vision labeling tool and machine learning.


Raptor Maps

Raptor Solar is a management platform that provides the tools and the system of record that asset owners, managers, O&M, developers, and EPCs need to build, manage, and operate their solar sites. Raptor Solarimproves asset resilience and energy yield,reduces risk and costs,and ultimatel increases the rate of return of solar assets.



Levitas works closely with customers to provide specialized AI.   Examples include digitizing analog gauges, thermal anomaly detection and identifying objects that are misplaced for unsafe work environments. 


gNext Labs

gNext Labs is an enterprise data analytics company providing the ability to harness video and image data, and transform it into actionable business and operational intelligence.


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