FLIR Vue Pro and DJI Zenmuse XT Thermal Imaging Specialists
We've built hundreds of customized ships for film, agriculture, law enforcement, mining, construction, thermal inspection and many other industries.  Contact us to learn how we can create a drone customized to meet your needs.

Thermal Imaging Applications

Real World Industrial Drone Applications

Thermal UAV Applications

Crop Spraying Drone

November 28, 2016

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Earthquake damage on building detected by Thermal UAV

November 09, 2016

Earthquake damage on building detected first with RMUS Industrial Inspector Drone with FLIR Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera.   Notice the cold air flowing out of... Read More

Power Station Imaged with Thermal Drone

August 20, 2016

Image captured with Thermal UAV and Zenmuse XT thermal camera. Read More

Thermal Drone Imaging of Dairy Cows

August 20, 2016

This images uses the isotherm function on the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera.  Temperatures were set between a set range and only temperatures within that range... Read More