Aaronia Aartos Counter UAS System - NDAA Compliant

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  • Product Description

      After five years of development, Aaronia is introducing its latest drone detection system – the AARTOS DDS Generation 6. Designed to detect intruding drones, the system is based on real-time directional measurements of a drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including its remote control). AARTOS DDS users receive accurate warnings and alerts about incoming drones instantaneously.

      Please note, there's a wide variety of options for the Aaronia AARTOS counter UAV system. RMUS can tailor a package to suite your mission specific needs. Please contact RMUS at the number at the top of the page or email sales@rmus.com.  We can create a customized quote so you can issue a purchase order.

      New Features of AARTOS™ Generation 6
      • Unique technology: real-time ALL frequency monitoring (NO bands)
      • Real-time DF frequency monitoring for all frequencies and directions at the same time
      • Up to 48THz/s sweep speed
      • Tracks 3G, 4G and 5G drones
      • Up to 50 km detection range
      • Latest AI-based multi-target image and RF pattern recognition

      Key Features

      • Tracks and locates the operator(s) controlling the drone(s)
      • Detects more than 99% of all commercial drones (even pre-programmed)
      • Identification of the drone type and manufacturer
      • Unlimited in size & numbers of receivers, arbitrary expandable
      • 3D multi-functional flight pass view
      • Works at night, in fog and bad weather
      • Real-time AI frequency monitoring and 3D DF, including height information
      • 360° full dome coverage with high tracking accuracy
      • All-in-one solution, multi-sensor support, latest AI-based software


      Aaronia Aartos X2

      The AARTOS™ X2 is a low-cost and mobile drone detection system with a long range of up to 5 km (stationary up to 30 km), capable of decoding drone logs and pinpointing their location. It is quickly deployable and has the ability to record and replay data. An indispensable tool for protecting against drone threats, e.g. at crowds or events.

      Aaronia Aartos X5

      The AARTOS™ X5 is also only available in mobile configuration. (V6 MIL). The X5 include the IsoLOG® 3D DF antenna with 8 sectors and is a cost-effective solution in situations that require detection as well as positioning. Drones are detected within a range of 1 to 2 km.

      Aaronia Aartos X7

      The AARTOS™ X7 offers an increased range and accuracy compared to the X5, and can be easily upgraded with additional components. Real-time triangulation of all targets can be achieved by interconnecting multiple X7 systems. An additional independent receiver will improve the frequency coverage even further. The IsoLOG® 3D DF antenna increases the X7’s detection range to 2 to 5 km.

      Aaronia Aartos x9

      The AARTOS™ X9 operates with the same precision as the X7, but additionally offers seamless ultra-wideband monitoring with 4+ independent receivers and an optimized amplifier group. The X9 traverses the entire frequency range more than 1000! times per second. With an enormous range of up to 14 km (or much more by scaling multiple AARTOS™ X9 systems), the AARTOS™ X9 is perfect for the monitoring of large areas. The system has already proven itself at international airports such as Heathrow and Muscat


      Why purchase the Aaronia from RMUS?

      Contracts - Sourcewell and State Contracts to expedite the purchasing process
      Experience - RMUS is celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2024. 
      RMUS HUB - Online training, operator certification tracking and documentation to supplement clients' existing training programs.
      Virtual Demos - Our team meets with your decision makers for final approval of purchase.  This method has proven to get product in your hands much faster.
      Reputation - RMUS is known globally for innovations, advice and client support.

      Aaronia’s drone detection system can be used virtually anywhere. The AARTOS has proven itself in protection of borders, sports events or concerts, residential areas, government facilities as well as commercial or industrial sites such as nuclear plants. Available as a single-site or multiple-site solution, the system can be adjusted to the characteristics of the respective terrain to be monitored. 

      The Aaronia AARTOS DDS is developed, designed, individually assembled, and calibrated in Germany, ensuring the highest production and quality standards.