Deep Trekker

DTG3 Package

The most affordable underwater ROV for victim and evidence recovery missions.

Deep Trekker DTG3 Package

The most affordable underwater ROV for victim and evidence recovery missions.

Product Description

RMUS is excited to work with Deep Trekker to assemble the best purpose-built underwater ROV packages for Public Safety applications. This bundle utilizes Deep Trekker’s highly portable, rugged, and budget friendly DTG3 submersible platform. This package is the most cost-effective solution for underwater Search, Rescue and Recovery missions on the market.

The DTG3 is a compact, rapidly deployable, and reliable underwater drone ideal for victim and evidence recovery missions. It can be set up in less than 30 seconds with no topside power required. The DTG3 includes an advanced lighting system and HD camera that rotates 270 degrees, giving you the ability to capture excellent quality images and video from a variety of angles. Its sensors combined with Deep Trekker’s proprietary Bridge software allows for automatic stabilization features, such as Auto Depth, Auto Heading, and Active Yaw Stabilization.

These features enable you to operate in tough environments such as strong currents or in situations where close and careful inspection are required. The

DTG3 is also able to support many other tools and add-ons, such as grabbers, longer tethers, thickness gauges, sonars, and more.

- Depth rating to 656 feet/200 meter

- Tether Options to 2,296 feet/700 meters

- Ultra High Definition Camera with 270 Degree Rotating Camera Head

- Ultra Bright LED Floodlights

- Built in Canada

- Auto Heading/Depth & Active Yaw Stabilization

This package gets you all the hardware, software, training and support for you and your team to get operational, with plenty of modular options to enhance the ROV’s capabilities. 

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Victim & Evidence Recovery

When a target has been identified, Deep Trekker ROVs are used for the retrieval process. Once the ROV is on location, divers can follow the tether to the target. If the divers are limited by depth and temperature, the retrieval can be completed using the ROV grabber arm.

Deep Trekker Manipulator/Claw Options

Add to your ROV's grabber capabilities with interchangeable claws. Each tool can help in different situations, whether its recovering drowning victims, round objects, or taking measurements and samples.

Rapid Search Response

Timing is critical during all search missions. With no topside power required, Deep Trekker ROVs can be ready and deployed within seconds. The ROVs also help to maximize the search effort, expanding time underwater and allowing the search to continue without interruption.

Powered by BRIDGE Technology

Derep Trekker’s proprietary BRIDGE algorithms work in conjunction with the enhanced 4K camera system for optimized imaging in complex underwater environments. Additionally, operators can manually adjust onboard lighting for inspection in both dark and low light environments. BRIDGE software enables a zero-latency communication between controller and vehicle, creating an easy and reliable piloting experience. This advanced software also has the capability to integrate with technologies such as imaging sonars and positioning systems.

Extreme Maneuverability

With expert engineering and the help of gravity, the ROV’s outer shell and thrusters can rotate 180 degrees to perform lateral movement, while gravity holds down the internal semi-circle weighted frame. This allows the ROV to drive up, down, side to side, forward and backwards.

Built to Last

Deep Trekker ROVs are constructed with cast aluminum, anodized and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Its unique spherical design has inherent strength and combined with proprietary, no-maintenance thrusters. Deep Trekker’s clean-sheet design and expert innovation ensures the system will last for years. If you require upgrades or new capabilities, you can enhance your system with industry-specific add-ons and attachments.

DTG3 at a glance

Depth Rating

656 ft

200 m


18.7 lb

8.5 kg

Product Specs

ROV General Specs


325 mm (12.8”)


258 mm (10.2”)


279 mm (11.0”)

Weight (in air):

8.5 kg (18.7 lb)

Body Material:

Die Cast Aluminum

Window Material:


Depth Rating:

200 m (656 ft)

Operating Temp:

-5°C to 50°C (14°F – 122°F)


Magnetically Coupled/Sealed

Case (option):

Custom Pelican Air 1637 Handle and Wheels

Lights and Camera


Full HD 1080P, 1920x1080, 30FPS 0.001 Lux, 270° Total Range of View


JPG 8mp


High Efficiency LED, Fully Dimmable, 1000 Lumens Tracking with Camera, Optional 1000-4400 Lumens Add-ons

RMUS 360 Solution

Certified Technicians

RMUS employs a team of certified technicians that oversee each Deep Trekker DTG3 Package. They perform a highly detailed inspection, calibration and testing process on each Deep Trekker DTG3 Package.

Ready-to-Deploy Package

RMUS leverages our experience in multiple industries to create “Ready-to-Deploy” packages that include all the necessary hardware, software, and auxiliary items for successful field operations.

Deep Trekker DTG3 Training Package

RMUS includes a complimentary online training class with every Deep Trekker DTG3 Package to ensure that our customers have a strong understanding of the platform and payload.

We offer the best prices and will price match. We offer significant discounts to law enforcement agencies, emergency service organizations, government entities, educational institutions and other qualified organizations.

Deep Trekker DTG3 Package




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