Elistair Ligh-T 4 Tethering Station - M350, M30 Tether

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      The Elistair Ligh-T 4 tethering stations provides persistent overwatch capability is now accessible at all levels with the 4th generation of the Ligh-T tether station. Thanks to its ultra light 70m micro tether, you will be able to fly for hours with your DJI M350 as well as most other drones on the market. Easy to transport and ready-to-fly in less than 5 minutes, Ligh-T tethering station brings portability and usability to the next level.

      The Elistair Ligh-T 4 tethering station consists of two parts.  The base station and the air unit.  The air unit will vary, based on the drone you are using.  It's possible to have one base unit, and have multiple air units depending on what drone you want to tether.  Only one drone can be tethered at a time to the base station.

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