RMUS DJI M300 Series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Payload powered by Aerial OGI

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  • Product Description

      Pricing shown is for marketing purposes.   Please call 800-739-8393 or email sales@rmus.com for consultation.   This item can only be purchased via a purchase order with our sales team.

      This only includes the OGI Payload, and Aerial OGI Reporting Software, not the Aircraft.

      The  DJI M300 Series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) payload is the result of a combined effort between RMUS, Aerial OGI and Sierra Olympia.


      AerialOGI™ Reporting Software

      The payload includes the AerialOGI™ reporting software, so that the workflow is easy and the deliverables are automatically created for the client. This means you spend less time tinkering with software and more time on paying jobs. The Sierra Olympia Ventus OGI core is the sensor workhorse of this payload, providing high resolution imagery of potential leaks and other anomalies.

      Sierra Olympia Ventus

      The Sierra Olympia Ventus OGI features an industry-leading 640 x 512 HOT (high operating temperature) mid-wave infrared camera core designed to detect and visualize hydrocarbon gasses, including methane, propane and butane. The high-performance, low SWaP package is an invaluable tool for the oil and gas industry’s efforts to save time and money, increase efficiency, limit product loss, protect lives and reduce harm to the environment. The Gas Enhancement Mode (GEM), which colorizes the hydrocarbon carbon gas leaks, such as methane, propane, benzene, etc., to detect leaks at well pads, tank farms, gas processing facilities, pipelines, refineries, etc. quickly and accurately. The Sierra Olympia Ventus OGI camera was OOOOa certified in 2018.