Skycatch Explore2 UAS

Compatible with DJI batteries and payloads, including H20T, H20, P1 and L1

Skycatch Explore2 UAS

Only available at RMUS

Product Description

Skycatch is a US-branded and registered industrial drone solution that utilizes best-in-class hardware. This new state-of-the-art drone is designed specifically for enterprise clients who are seeking an American brand that will allow for security, support and other advanced features. The turnkey Skycatch Explore2 comes “Ready-to-Deploy” with Skycatch mission planning software embedded. This fully integrated hardware and software stack enables companies and government entities to achieve highly accurate and repeatable data outputs managed on local U.S. servers for secure processing and protected access. Enhanced and advanced features of the Explore2 include:

  • Cross-compatible with existing M300 hardware such as batteries and the P1, H20, H20T and L1 payloads
  • Advanced mapping and surveying capabilities
  • Secure data processing on U.S.-based servers
  • 24/7 U.S.-based enterprise level support from Skycatch
  • No flight restrictions or geo-fencing to interfere with operations


Fastest, Most Reliable Time to Data

Accelerate time to data capture and delivery with cm level accuracy for your surveying needs. The Explore2 offers auditable, translatable data with the highest resolution point clouds and 3D mesh for further measurement and analysis.

Enhanced Mission Planning

Skycatch mission planning, Flight1x is embedded into the controller for turnkey use. Fully automated 3D mission software for industrial applications including mapping and inspection. With terrain following and RTK support, fly safely and collect consistent data without needing manual flying skills. No ground control points (GCPs) required.

Secure Data Processing

Highly secure data processing stack managed on U.S. servers to enable secure processing of data outputs while protecting access from external third parties.

Enterprise Caliber Support

Skycatch provides premium, white-glove support to ensure that you and your team always get the results you need, including Skycatch certification, 24/7 availability, and direct access to engineers.

Skycatch Explore2 UAS at a glance

Max Flight Time

55 min

(no payload)
35-40 min with payload


15 km

(9.3 m) FCC

8 kg

(4.9 m) MIC


6.3 kg

with Batteries

Service Ceiling

7000 m


Product Specs


Weight with Batteries: 

13.9lb (6.3kg)

Flight Time: 

55m max, 35-40m with payload

Area Coverage @ 1.5cm GSD per Battery: 

154 acres/62.3 hrvctares

Service Ceiling: 



9.3m/15km FCC, 8km (4.9mt) MIC

Operating Temperature: 

(-4F to 122F (-20C to 50C)


H20, H20T, P1 (Skycatch Vision1), L1

Ingress Protection: 


RTK Positioning Accuracy: 

1cm+1ppm (horizontal)

1.5cm+1ppm (vertical)

Max Wind Resistance: 

33.5mph (15m/s)


Dual IMU, barometer, compass, GNSS

RMUS 360 Solution

Certified Technicians

RMUS employs a team of certified technicians that oversee each Skycatch Explore2 UAS. They perform a highly detailed inspection, calibration and testing process on each Skycatch Explore2 UAS.

Ready-to-Deploy Package

RMUS leverages our experience in multiple industries to create “Ready-to-Deploy” packages that include all the necessary hardware, software, and auxiliary items for successful field operations.

Skycatch Explore2 UAS Training Package

RMUS includes a complimentary online training class with every Skycatch Explore2 UAS package to ensure that our customers have a strong understanding of the platform and payload.

We offer the best prices and will price match. We offer significant discounts to law enforcement agencies, emergency service organizations, government entities, educational institutions and other qualified organizations.

Skycatch Explore2 UAS




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