DJI FlySafe Geo Unlock Program

DJI FlySafe Geo Unlock Process - How to Unlock DJI Enterprise Drones in Controlled Airspace

Please visit the DJI FLYSafe Unlock Page to apply for unlocking your system in controlled airspace.  As an added benefit to safe flying for the general public, the DJI software will not allow an aircraft to fly in controlled airspace.   Most Public Safety Agencies and Industrial Operators have approval to fly in controlled airspace, so this process enables that.
  • 24/7 Service team to handle unlock
  • 30 minute response time
  • Able to unlock multiple aircraft at one time
Flysafe Geo Unlock
Upgraded General Geo Unlock Program 
DJI has a dedicated customer service team working 24/7 to ensure each application is processed ASAP. The average response time to an application is 30 minutes. Applicants will be notified of their application status within the first hour upon submission.
In addition, enterprise users can now apply for multiple aircraft unlocking with just one request submission by simply attaching an Excel file listing each aircraft’s model information, flight controller serial number and DJI account.
Special Approval Process for Public Safety Organizations
Due to the critical nature of public safety organizations' work, DJI has worked to streamline the application process for these teams - requiring a request letter on the organization’s official letterhead. Note that although the process is streamlined for these organizations, pilots must remain to follow local regulations and best practices. They are also entitled to unlock larger restricted zones within their jurisdiction for up to 3 years.