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RMUS recently was recognized by DJI with the 2018 Enterprise Solutions Award.  We continue to strive toward providing expertise to our customers and the entire UAV industry.   We are happy to announce RMUS Tech Connect™ , a simple term to describe the value-added support RMUS offers.

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RMUS TechConnect™

Sharing our Expertise with the UAV Industry
  • Operator Alerts - Mission Critical Videos from RMUS tech team
  • Technology Briefings - Detailed product and workflow demonstrations from Jon McBride
  • Virtual Demos - RMUS sales team video demonstrations
  • Webinars - Jon McBride provides insights into new products 
  • Online Training Courses - Paid online instructional videos
  • Onsite Applied UAV Education -- In-Person trainings at customer facilities or at RMUS facilities
  • Tech Support - Varying levels based on your needs
  • Fleet Maintenance - provides technical support services, including monitoring of UAV systems and providing notification of key milestones in UAV lifecycle management - contact sales@rmus.com

Thanks for your continued support and collaboration!