Dronetag Remote ID Compliant System

NDAA Compliant

Dronetag Remote ID Compliant System

NDAA Compliant

Product Description

RMUS works with Dronetag for our Remote ID compliance needs. These systems are designed and made in the Czech Republic and are NDAA-compliant. Regardless of your aircraft, one of these three Dronetag options will work for you.

You can also manage all your UAS in the Dronetag App. Check the airspace zones, plan your flights, browse real-time flight data, inspect other airborne drones and stay notified about any hazards around you. All compliant with the latest USA, CAN & EU rules.

Dronetag Mini


Designed with expert pilots in mind. Combination of both Network & Direct/ Remote ID to make your drone flights safe & compliant.

Network Remote Identification

Dronetag Mini transfers your drone's position and identification to our cloud. By displaying the real-time data in our app Dronetag enables advanced drone operations and coordination of manned and unmanned traffic in the same airspace.

Direct (Broadcast) Remote Identification

Your drone's info is transmitted via Bluetooth to up to 1.86 miles/3 kilometers. With our Direct Remote ID, you fulfil all the new regulation necessities, and you are free to fly!

Dronetag Mini is the smallest and lightest Remote ID device on the market

With its miniscule physical size and a weight of 1.1 oz/32 g, it offers everything you need to fly safe & compliant.

Independent, locked and with the longest battery life

The Mini is attachable to any drone with a strong dual lock fastener. The device has internal GNSS, LTE and Bluetooth antennas and offers up to fourteen (14) hours of battery life.

Dronetag Beacon


The Dronetag Beacon is the easiest and simplest way to let your drone fly safe & compliant in US, CAN and EU regions.

Direct / Broadcast Remote Identification

New regulations are forcing professional pilots in EU & US regions to make their drones digitally visible. We created Beacon, the add-on that makes drones instantly compliant with the latest DRI standards. Upgrade your existing drone, without the need to purchase new aircraft.

Slap the Dronetag Beacon on and instantly enhance your drone with DRI capability. The tiny device transmits the drone location via Bluetooth to up to a 1.86 mile/3 kilometer range.

16 Grams Packed with Technology

Dronetag Beacon is the bare minimum to fly your drone safe & compliant.

Only the size of 2 chocolate bar squares (16 g/0.56 oz), the Beacon opens the door to the digital experience for drones of all sizes.

Long Battery Life

Fit the Beacon to nano-weight drones or large UAS. Up to sixteen (16) hours of battery life gives you enough time to accomplish the wildest missions. Worldwide supported Bluetooth technology with the finest geolocation standards.

Dronetag DRI


The smallest module for direct/broadcast Remote ID. The Dronetag DRI module enables manufacturers to easily integrate direct/broadcast remote identification into new drone models. Compliant with US, CAN and EU standards and regulations.

Drone Remote Identification

New regulations in EU & US regions mandate manufacturers to equip their new drone models with technology for Direct/Broadcast remote identification (RID). Dronetag DRI is the easiest way to acquire RID technology without years of R&D and product testing. Connect our factory-ready turnkey modules to your drone’s flight controller. That’s all it takes.

Plug & Play for Pixhawk Cube or Similar

You only need one single cable to add Remote ID to your aircraft. The Dronetag DRI is compatible with all standard Pixhawk controllers running PX4 or Ardupilot. Plug it into your TELEM port, configure the appropriate baud rate, and you are ready to fly.

Not using MAVlink, PX4 or Ardupilot FCs? Having custom firmware? No problem; we can customize our solution to your needs.

Sophisticated UART Bypass/Forwarding

All your TELEM/serial ports already occupied and you don't want to mess with the CAN setup and configuration? No worries, we’ve got your back! Dronetag DRI will not take away any of your existing ports. Thanks to our UART forwarding feature, you can integrate it between the flight controller and your serial peripheral. Just enable port forwarding in Dronetag App and connect Dronetag DRI between your flight controller and serial peripheral.

Two Form Factors to Suit Every Application

Have tight space inside your aircraft? Or do you just want to enjoy the ease of integration using internal antennas? We produce two variants of Dronetag DRI; one that comes with a U.FL connector for an external antenna and the second with an internal antenna already on board.

If you integrate DRI into carbon fiber aircraft, the U.FL variant will provide the flexibility for best performance. The internal variant will get you all you need for any outside mounting options on plastic.

We offer the best prices and will price match. We offer significant discounts to law enforcement agencies, emergency service organizations, government entities, educational institutions and other qualified organizations.

Dronetag Remote ID Compliant System




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