Skydio X10

Breakthrough AI meets best-in-class data capture

Skydio X10

Breakthrough AI meets best-in-class data capture

Product Description

The Skydio X10 quadcopter includes some of the most advanced features in a small, portable UAS platform. The X10’s multi-sensor payloads, mission-specific apps and cutting-edge AI capabilities allow for multiple applications, from industrial inspection to Public Safety. It is also 100% NDAA compliant for companies and government entities with strict cybersecurity requirements.

As you will see on this page, there are several payload options as well as different apps and add-ons for the X10 platform. RMUS is here to assist you so you can build the best, most affordable package for your specific use case. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or email so one of our product experts can assist you.

RMUS also offers certified training, maintenance and support for each system that we offer, so that your team can start executing missions immediately and efficiently once trained. The RMUS Hub serves as our online knowledge base where all training assets are centrally located. The RMUS Hub can also track your team regarding certifications, training milestones, etc.

Autonomy Software Included

- Real-Time 3D Mapping 
- Object/Scene Recognition 
- Motion Planning 
- 360 Degree Obstacle Avoidance 
- Subject Detection 
- Skydio Visual Navigator 
- Waypoint Missions 
- GPS Night Flight 
- Offline Maps 
- Map Importing 
- Vertical ViewPoint-of-interest Orbit 
- Digital Zoom 
- Visual Return to Home 
- Precision Mode 
- Subject Tracking 
- Track in Place 
- Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance 
- 360 Superzoom



64MP narrow camera, 48MP telephoto camera and 640x512 FLIR Boson+ radiometric thermal camera


  • 30x enhanced optical zoom
  • 4.17M pixels (2160p/60fps)
  • Wide dynamic range (Wide-D)
  • Visibility enhancer

Onboard AI

- Six custom 32MP navigation cameras
- NVIDIA Jetson Orin GPU
- 360-degree visibility
- Autonomous flight, day or night


Additional Flight and Data Apps

Skydio Care is a protection plan sold separately for the X10 drone platform and its payloads. The Skydio Care plans are sold in 1-year and 3-year durations at the time of the initial hardware purchase (you cannot add Skydio Care after you have purchased a system). RMUS highly recommends these protection plans but they are not mandatory.

Skydio X10 at a glance

Max Flight Time

40 min

Max Speed

45 mph

Deployment time

< 40 sec

Dust and water certified


Skydio X10 Specs


Startup Time: Under 40 seconds

Dimensions (unfolded, with propellers): 31.1” x 25.6” x 5.7”

Dimensions (folded, without battery): 13.8” x 6.5” x 4.7”

Weight (incl. batteries): Connect SL: 2.11 kg / 4.65 lbs | Connect SL + 5G: 2.14 kg / 4.72 lbs

Max Takeoff Weight: 2.49 kg / 5.49 lbs

Operation Frequency: 

Connect SL: 2400-2483.5MHz 5150-5850Mhz

Cellular 5G: 600MHz-4400MHz

Transmitter Power: 

(EIRP) Connect SL: 34.3dBmi (2.4GHZ)

Connect SL: 33.7dBmi (5GHZ)

Connect 5G: 20dBmi

Hovering Accuracy (windless or breezy):

VIO: +/- 10cm

GNSS: +/- 1m

Max Angular Velocity:

Yaw: 100 deg/s

Roll / Pitch: 225 deg/s

Max Tilt Angle: 40 degrees

Max Ascent/Decent Speed: 

Ascent: 6 m/s / 13.4mph

Descent: 4 m/s / 9.0mph

Max Non-Vertical Descent Speed: 6 m/s / 13.4mph

Max Horizontal Speed (at sea level): 20 m/s / 45mph

Max Horizontal Speed with Obstacle Avoidance: 16 m/s / 36mph

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level (without other payload): 15,000 ft density altitude

Max Gust Handling: 12.8 m/s / 28.6mph

Max Hover Time: 35 minutes

Max Flight Time: 40 minutes


NVIDIA Jetson Orin SoC

Qualcomm QRB5165 SoC

Ingress Protection Rating: IP55

GNSS: GPS + Galileo + GLONASS + BeiDou

Operational Temperature Range: -20C to +45C / -4F to 113F

Wireless Range (no interference, line of sight operation): 

Connect SL: 12km / 7.5 miles

Connect 5G: Unlimited (wherever cellular coverage is available)

Wireless Networking (media offload): 

Connect SL: WiFi6

Connect 5G: Cellular LTE/5G

Obstacle Avoidance Coverage: True 360°


Controller Dimensions: 10.5" x 5" x 3"


6.6" Dynamic AMOLED touchscreen

120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate

Resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels

Brightness: 1750 nits (outdoor peak)


Dimensions: 10.5" x 5" x 3"

Weight: 1135 grams

Max Range: 

Connect SL: 12km / 7.5 miles

Connect 5G: Unlimited (wherever cellular coverage is available)

Operating Frequencies: 

Connect SL: 2400-2483.5MHz


Connect 5G: 600MHz-4400MHz

Transmitter Power: 

(EIRP) Connect SL: 34.7dBmi (2.4GHz)

Connect SL: 35.9dBmi (5GHz)

Connect 5G: 20dBmi

Ingress Protection Rating: IP54

Operating Time: Approx. 5 hours

Battery: 9600mAH

GNSS: GPS + Galileo + GLONASS + BeiDou

Operational Temperature Range: -20C to 45C

Wired Outputs: HDMI & USB-C

Wireless Networking: WiFi, Cellular LTE/5G


NDAA compliant

AES-256 encrypted data link

Encrypted internal disk storage

Password protected

Root of trust

Trusted boot

Secure update

VT300-Z and VT300-L Sensor Packages

Angular Vibration Range: +/-0.01°

User Controllable Range: +/-90° pitch

Mechanical Range: +/-140° pitch, +/-90° yaw, +75° to -230° roll

Telephoto Camera

Sensor: Sony 1/2" 48MP CMOS

Diagonal Field of View: 13°

Focal Length: 35 mm (190 mm equivalent)

Aperture: f/2.2

Focus: hybrid PDAF, 5 m to ∞

Exposure: Compensation +-3

Electronic Shutter Speed: 1/30 to 1/8000

ISO Range: 100 to 16000

Max Video Resolution: 3840 x 2880

Max Photo Size: 8000 x 6000

Wide Camera

Sensor: Sony IMX989 1" 50.3MP CMOS

Diagonal Field of View: 93°

Focal Length: 8 mm (20 mm equivalent)

Aperture: f/1.95

Focus: 100% focus pixel, 1 m to ∞

Exposure Compensation: +-3

Electronic Shutter Speed: 1/30 to 1/8000

ISO Range: 100 to 16000

Max Video Resolution: 3840 x 2880

Max Photo Size: 8192 x 6144

Narrow Camera

Sensor: Sony 1/1.7" 64MP CMOS

Diagonal Field of View: 50°

Focal Length: 10 mm (46 mm equivalent)

Aperture: f/1.8

Focus: hybrid PDAF, 1 m to ∞

Exposure Compensation: +-3

Electronic Shutter Speed: 1/30 to 1/8000

ISO Range: 100 to 16000

Max Video Resolution: 3840 x 2880

Max Photo Size: 9248 x 6944

Thermal Camera

Thermal Imager: Flir Boson+ Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Diagonal Field of View: 41°

Focal Length: 13.6 mm (60 mm equivalent)

Aperture: f/1.0

Focus: 5 m to ∞

Thermal Sensitivity: <30mK NEDT

Infrared Temperature Measurement Accuracy: larger of +- 5°C or 5%

Image Processing: Adreno 650 GPU accelerated ISP pipeline

Max Video Resolution: 640 x 512

Photo Size: 640 x 512

Photo Format: JPEG, RJPEG

Pixel Pitch: 12 um

Temperature Measurement Method: Spot Meter, Area Measurement

Temperature Measurement Range: -40° to 150° C (-40° to 350° C low gain)

Palette: White hot, black hot, ironbow, rainbow

Sensor Package Light

Illumination: 1000 lumens

Illumination (peak): 2800 lumens

Vision Systems / Navigation Cameras

Configuration: 6x cameras in trinocular configuration top and bottom

Sensor: Samsung 1/2.8" 32MP color CMOS

Light Sensitivity: Visible Light

Aperture: f/1.8

Diagonal Field of View: 200°

Obstacle Sensing Range: 20 meters

Environment Coverage: True 360°

Flight Battery

Capacity: 8419 mAh

Voltage: 18.55 V

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer

Energy: 156.17 Wh

Net Weight: 1.56 lbs +/- 0.003 lbs

Operational Temperature Range: -20C to 60C

Storage Temperature Range: -20C to +45C (storage less than 3 months)

Charging Temperature Range: 5C to 45C

Chemical System: Lithium Ion Polymer

Skydio Connect

Operating Frequency: 

Connect SL: 2400-2483.5MHz5150-5850MHz

Connect 5G: 600MHz-4400MHz

Transmitter Power (EIRP): 

Connect SL: 34.7dBmi (2.4GHz)

Connect SL: 35.9dBmi (5GHZ)

Connect 5G: 20dBmi

Antenna Configuration: Connect SL: 2Tx, 4Rx

System Security

Wireless Encryption: 

Connect SL: AES-256

Connect 5G: AES-128

NDAA Compliance: NDAA Compliant

Root of Trust: HSM protected keys

System Integrity: Secure boot

Secure Update: AES-256 encrypted, signed, & verified 

Internal Disk Storage: Encrypted

SD Cards: Unencrypted

Pairing Secure: wired pairing

Dual Charger

Dimensions: 180 x 75 x 48mm

Weight: (w/o Battery) 0.73 lbs

Charge Time 230W: 

1 hour 30 minutes (0-100%)

37 minutes (20-90%)

Charge Time 100W: 

1 hour 47 minutes (0-100%)

1 hour 12 minutes (20-90%)

Weatherproofing: No ingress protection

RMUS 360 Solution

Certified Technicians

RMUS employs a team of certified technicians that oversee each Skydio X10. They perform a highly detailed inspection, calibration and testing process on each Skydio X10.

Ready-to-Deploy Package

RMUS leverages our experience in multiple industries to create “Ready-to-Deploy” packages that include all the necessary hardware, software, and auxiliary items for successful field operations.

Skydio X10 Training Package

RMUS includes a complimentary online training class with every Skydio X10 to ensure that our customers have a strong understanding of the platform and payload.

We offer the best prices and will price match. We offer significant discounts to law enforcement agencies, emergency service organizations, government entities, educational institutions and other qualified organizations.

Skydio X10




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