Tree and Vegetation Sampling Drone Payload

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  • Product Description

      RMUS is working closely with our research clients and Outreach Robotics for mission specific solutions.

      Prices posted are estimates. We create packages to suite your mission specific needs. Please contact RMUS at the number at the top of the page or email  We can create a customized quote so you can issue a purchase order.

      Designed to be compatible DJI’s Matrice 300 series, and we are working on compatibility with the RTR HERA NDAA compliant drone.

      Tree Canopy Sampling

      The DeLeaves tool provides a new way to sample material from the tree canopy (branches, twigs, cones, seeds, insects, etc.) using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Using the latest technologies, Outreach is working with top ecological organizations, forestry companies, botanical gardens, and university research groups across the globe to enable the sampling of previously unreachable plants and trees. This tool is totally independent from the UAV platform and can be attached under a great variety of commercially available UAV, allowing customers to easily integrate this tool into their current operations.

      Mamba - Sampling, Testing, Inspection - Customize

      The patent pending cliff drone sampling tool, also known as the Mamba, was originally created to sample plants on cliffs, but its uses extend beyond just plant and tree sampling. This versatile tool offers precise GPS-denied sampling, collision recovery, and adaptability to a range of applications. Whether you need to sample rare plants or perform infrastructure inspections, the cliff drone can be customized to suit your specific needs.