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Non-Chinese drones for US Government, Police, Fire, Inspection, Mapping

On January 29, 2020 the Secretary of the Interior issued order # 3379 - Temporary Cessation of Non-Emergeny Unmanned Aircraft Systems Fleet Operations.  See the full document here.

Section 5 (a) (1) states:

"Issuing any necessary implementing guidance within thirty (30) days of the date of this Order. The AS - PMB shall consult with other Federal agencies possessing relevant expertise to develop guidance, as deemed appropriate and necessary, and establish procedures to identify Designated UAS, which are UAS manufactured by designated foreign-owned companies or UAS with designated foreign-manufactured components."

There has been a lot of confusion around this section and little clarification.  In order to help our customers, we've listed drone companies that are not based in china.  Unfortunately all non-miltiary drones sold in the US have some chinese component, generally the motors and/or speed control.  This are very minor and have nothing to do with data security.  Please contact us our sales team at or 800-793-3548 for help with your purchasing decision.