Optical Gas Imaging with a Drone

December 11 2023 – JT VonLunen

OGI with Drone

OGI with Drone

The RMUS OGI payload is the result of a combined effort between RMUS, Aerial Thermal Imaging and Sierra Olympia. Aerial Thermal Imaging provided the sensor integration and AerialOGI™ reporting software, so that the workflow is easy and the deliverables are automatically created for the client. This means you spend less time tinkering with software and more time on paying jobs. The Sierra Olympia Ventus OGI core is the sensor workhorse of this payload, providing high resolution imagery of potential leaks and other anomalies.


During the flight, as the pilot prioritizes safety and completes all survey items, any observed leaks can be easily documented by pressing the capture button. It is highly recommended to record the entire flight, allowing for the initiation of a capture event whenever a leak is observed. Once all survey points are completed, the pilot can add the entire video collection to our reporting tool. This tool accurately identifies the precise moment when the capture button was pressed, generating an incident on our web portal and presenting actionable data.

Each capture event includes a Flat Field Correction (FFC) for the Optical Gas Imaging camera, ensuring the highest quality data is captured during the leak observation. All capture events are displayed on the web portal, providing the option to manually input data into your LDAR software. Alternatively, if you have our advanced bridge enabled, the web portal generates an instant export feature to seamlessly transfer the data to your LDAR software.

This is a capture event where a pilot observes a leak and then presses the Capture button. When this happens, the Optical Gas Imaging camera quickly calibrates to ensure the best video and data capture, and then starts the video notation event. The Capture button can be pressed as many times as needed during a flight and can be easily sorted into actionable data using our AerialOGI Reporting Tool.

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