RMUS HUB - Implementation Platform for Unmanned Systems Teams

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  • Product Description

      The RMUS HUB is a digital platform for implementing a unmanned systems program.


      • Cost-effective - Affordable platform - We've done the work, so you don't have to.
      • Training on Popular aircraft by DJI, Autel, Skydio, Parrot, and Sony.
      • Manager Dashboard for tracking pilots' training progress and operation certifications.
      • Simple tool to supplement existing training programs by providing foundational knowledge.
      • Standardization of training so all pilots are trained the same.
      • Customized platforms and content are available for larger organizations.

      Please contact sales@rmus.com if a quote is need for a purchase order.  

      Package Types

      Free Version - Given all RMUS customers with purchase - Includes:

      Foundational Trainings , RMUS TechConnect Summary, Program Documentation Templates.  Please see content details list at the bottom of this page.

      HUB Lite - Single User Access - Includes:

      all the Free Version

      + All Access to Guided Curriculum for RMUS pilot certification (over 10 aircraft)

      DJI (Mavic, M30 series, M300 series), Autel (evo), Parrot (Anafi USA), Skycatch (Explore2)Sony (Airpeak coming Jan 24), Skydio (S2, x10 coming Jan 24), Real Time Robotics (HERA coming Feb 24)

      HUB Full - Team Version - Includes

      all Lite Version

      + Manager Dashboard Platform Enhancement 


      • RMUS has worked closely with dozens of customers, and created a simple software tool program managers can use to help supplement existing training programs.
      • Our guided curriculum first establishes foundational knowledge on equipment, regulations and common missions.  We build on top of that and provide equipment specific training.  Within a few hours of online coursework, they are prepared for more advanced hands-on training.  (please see the diagram image on the left)
      • Manager Dashboard Enhancement is sold on a yearly basis, with no renewal contract.  No monthly fees, just one payment per year, for simple budgeting.
      • We understand this may be a new way of handling training and tracking, please contact our team to help with pricing and feature questions.  We can only make this better with your feedback.
      • Coming Soon - Additional mission specific courses that can be purchased as needed, for very specific use cases.  For example: Thermal Imaging, Boston Dynamics SPOT Handlers Certification, Optical Gas Imaging and UltraViolet light inspection.


      • RMUS has done the work, don't start from scratch.
      • Critical content to efficiently bring new pilots up to speed.
      • RMUS Certified trainings for insurance, legal and liability issues.
      • Track all pilots in one spot.  Even if experienced pilots don't need all the basic trainings, credentials can be tracked in one system for simple pilot management.

      Please allow 1 business day after purchase for the RMUS team to reach out to you to setup your team.  Please be prepared to provide the manager's name and email; and the operator/crew names and email addresses.

      Content Details:

      RMUS TechConnect

      • This is a concise list of videos we create to educate our customers on new technology, enhancements to existing systems and public service announcement for issues that may arise with equipment.
      • We understand postings get lost in thread and endless scrolls, so we consolidate all this content in the RMUS HUB for you.

      Foundational Trainings

      • Intro to UAS Flight Controls
      • UAS Failsafes
      • Camera Setting Basics
      • Drone Crew Responsibilities
      • Intro to Aerial Mapping
      • Risk Assessment

      Certification Trainings

      • Introduction to Part 107 Concepts
      • LAANC Training
      • Crew Resource Management & Safety


      Program Guidelines Handbook and Workbook

      RMUS has combined over 10 years of experiences helping hundreds of entities creating drone program in to this guidebook. The guidebook cover the major topics (see below) for a drone program. Also include is a workbook that will allow you to create a drone program outline.

      • General UAV Overview and Terminology
      • Establishing Program – Planning, Budgeting and Personnel
      • Relationships
      • Regulations
      • Program Documents
      • UAV Fleet
      • Training
      • Safety Considerations
      • Common Equipment Overview

      Program Document Templates

      RMUS has turnkey templates you can use for your program. These are ready for use or you can customize them to suit your needs. 

      • Ship Maintenance Checklist
      • Flight Log Book
      • Preflight Checklist
      • Flight Plan
      • Pilot Evaluation
      • Risk Assessment

      Custom Trainings

      • The RMUS training content development can create customized trainings to fit your program needs.  Please reach out to training@rmus.com to set up a consultation.