RMUS Fleet Renewal - Drone Trade-In Program

The RMUS Fleet Renewal Trade-In Program has been extended until May 31. With this program RMUS will offer a trade-in value for old UAS/drone equipment towards the purchase of a Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual or Matrice 200 v2/210 v2/210 RTK v2 package. UAS technology has advanced at an incredible rate these past few years and we want all of our customers to have access to the most effective and safe equipment on the market. Here are the details of the RMUS Fleet Renewal Trade-In Program:

Equipment Trade-In Value

  • Inspire 1 – Up to $1,000
  • Phantom 4 – Up to $700
  • Mavic 2 – Up to $700
  • Mavic Pro/Mavic Pro Platinum – Up to $600
  • Phantom 3/Phantom 2/Other Phantom Series Models – Up to $400
  • Non-DJI Equipment – Up to $400

DJI Enterprise Packages Offered For Trade-In Credit

  • M2E Dual w/ Crystal Sky Package
  • M2E Dual w/ Smart Remote Package
  • M200 w/ Z30 and/or XT2
  • M210/M210 RTK w/ Z30 and/or XT2

Packages include GPC Cases, Pix4D Software and Airdata-RMUS Fleet Management Software

Time Frame

January 7th to May 31st, 2020



  • New equipment has advanced safety features like obstacle avoidance, ADS-B incoming aircraft alerts, improved failsafe features, improved position lighting, greater operating temperature ranges and longer flight times.
  • New equipment has more advanced payload options such as thermal/RGB dual sensors, increased zoom capabilities, hazmat sensors, night vision cameras, advanced mapping capabilities, etc.
  • New and improved flight control software that supports the new aircraft.
  • RMUS is proactively helping manage “life cycle management” of your equipment which includes the eventual donation and/or disposal of outdated UAS platforms, batteries, etc.
  • All DJI Enterprise Packages come with one complimentary year of RMUS Fleet Management Software powered by Airdata.


  1. Contact RMUS Sales Department at sales@rmus.com or at 801-316-3250 for an RMUS Public Safety Fleet Renewal Program RMA number. Existing RMUS customers, please reference past orders as we will ensure existing customers get top trade-in value for equipment. RMUS Sales Associates will communicate the details of the equipment evaluation/trade-in value when you receive the RMA number.
  2. Decommission your UAS by cancelling you FAA and/or N number(s). Also remove any sensitive flight information or data from the aircraft. If you would like to save your flight records, go into your DJI account and sync them to the DJI cloud.
  3. Ship the equipment back to RMUS, with the RMA number labeled on the outside of the box.
  4. Please do not include any batteries in your shipment! Please take them to a recycling center or other certified battery disposal location.
  5. Once we assess/confirm the trade-in value, our Sales Associates reach out to you and let you know the trade-in credit that will applied to your purchase.


What does RMUS do with all the equipment traded-in?
Our DJI Certified Technicians will inspect the equipment to determine if it can be refurbished, broken down into spare parts or even disposed of entirely. Refurbished equipment and/or spare parts will be donated to UAS education programs or other charitable organizations.
What if we need to use the aircraft until our new aircraft arrives?
Please start the return process with our RMUS Sales Department per the above instructions. RMUS Sales Associates will walk you through the process, which includes photographs and/or short videos to confirm the status/trade-in value of the UAS. We ask you promptly ship the trade-in UAS once the new UAS package arrives.
What do I do with additional accessories?
To keep things simple, we are only offering trade-in values for the aircraft and remote.   If you’d like to send additional items to RMUS, we can pass those along as donations or retire them responsibly if they are deemed unsafe.
Why is RMUS doing this?
We have been the pioneers of providing UAS equipment to Public Safety entities. There have been significant improvements to safety and technology in the new equipment and we want to give our customers the opportunity to have a salvage value for outdated and out-of-service aircraft. 
What if I have a non-DJI drone?
We can accept those also.
What do I do with the batteries?
Please take them to a recycling center or other certified battery disposal location. 
What if we can’t make the purchase in the first quarter?
Please contact the RMUS Sales Team and we will do our best to work with you.