DJI Matrice M300 RTK

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Enterprise Shield | Basic

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  • Product Description

      DJI Matrice M300 RTK from RMUS.  Includes ready to deploy initial setup video and premier technical support for one year and membership to RMUS UAS Crew Education Portal.


      • 55 minute MAX flight time (no payload) - RMUS technicians clocked MAX time at 38 minutes with H20T payload
      • Handoff - One pilot can "handoff" drone to another pilot to help keep drone within line of sight
      • Battery Hotswap - Drone does not power down when changing out batteries, which improves turn around time between missions.
      • IP45 Rated - Able to fly in light rain 
      • Self-Heating Batteries
      • Operating Temperature Range from -4°F to 156°F
      • Airsense ADS-B Receiver
      • Smart Pin & Track - Advanced tracking of moving objects and the pin point of their geo-location
      • RTK compatible with existing D-RTK 2 Basestation for Phantom 4 RTK or M210 RTK
      • 9 mile Max Transmission
      • Smart Inspection with drone position and camera settings saved to get repeat imagery for routine inspections.
      • 6 direction sensing and positioning 


      Compatible Payloads

      • H20
      • H20T
      • XT2
      • Z30
      • Wingsland SpotLight
      • U10
      • P1
      • L1

      RMUS M300 RTK Package Includes

      • DJI M300 RTK Aircraft and SmartRemote
      • 4 sets or 8 TB60 Batteries
      • 1 - TB60 Battery Charger (holds 8 batteries)
      • RMUS Pilot Safety Package
      • Ready to Deploy Video
      • 1 year technical support and 1 year subscription to  RMUS UAS Crew Education Portal
      • H20 or H20T Payload

      Coming Soon

      • GPC Rugged Cases
      • Additional Remote for Handoff Feature
      • RMUS Fleet Management Software powered by Airdata
      • Spare Propellers and Landing Gear
      • Additional Spare Parts

      Enterprise Shield Coverage

      Please talk to our sales team to determine which enterprise shield coverage plan fits your needs.  Enterprise Shield (basic or plus) is included in the price of the aircraft and payload.

      Shield Program First Replacement Second Replacement
      Matrice M300 RTK Basic  $                 799.00  $                    899.00
      Matrice M300 RTK Plus $4,900 Coverage
      H20 Basic  $                 309.00  $                    349.00
      H20 Plus $3,200 Coverage
      H20T Basic  $                 859.00  $                    969.00
      H20T Plus $8,600 Coverage