Fluke SV600

Acoustic Imager for Boston Dynamics Spot

Fluke SV600 Acoustic Imager for Boston Dynamics Spot

Product Description

The Fluke SV600 Acoustic Imager can currently be used as a payload for Spot® from Boston Dynamics. Spot automates sensing and inspection, captures limitless data and can explore without boundaries, all while the SV600 enables you to continuously detect, locate and visualize the unheard and unseen with the power of acoustic imaging.

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Product Specs

Key Features

High-end 24/7 acoustic monitoring
64-Digital MEMS microphones placed in a Sunflower Array
Integrated visual light camera

Powerful processor for onboard real time processing
- Sound classification
- Frequency filtering
- dB values and sound intensity mapping
- Event triggering

Ethernet network communications interface with installed 8-wire M12 fieldbus or RJ45 connector
Power over Ethernet (POE)
Ingress Protection IP54
Option for IO support through fieldbus coupler

By using an array of sophisticated sound sensors, the SV600 can be mounted close to any equipment or asset, to any area of the production line, or where human access is restricted or dangerous to ensure you can monitor the most important parts of your facility without interruption.

§ As a fixed, automated solution, the SV600 integrates with your process and eliminates the need for lengthy

fault-finding processes such as soapy water tests, when used as part of your product leak testing process. By continuously monitoring your environment, you can quickly detect and fix air leaks – reducing your consumption of compressed air and energy to help save your facility money.

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Fluke SV600 Acoustic Imager




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